I am hearing a background hiss on TWiG audio podcast

The last two episodes of This Week in Google I have been noticing a loud background hiss and reduction in audio quality that I haven’t noticed it on other shows I am subscribed to. I just checked the videos on twit.tv and they have the noise also.

It’s most noticeable in between talking.

It’s hard to notice without headphones, but with headphones it makes listening very uncomfortable.

Love this show and hope this gets worked out soon… thanks for keeping me informed and entertained all year during lock down!

If TWiG has migrated to OBS Ninja, the mics tend to pick up more background noise than Skype would.

I believe they have migrated. I haven’t noticed the hissing but will pay attention this coming week.

I noticed this the other day too when catching up on some TWiG, slightly annoying when things have been hiss free in the past. I thought it was maybe silence suppression kicking in one somebody’s local device as I didn’t notice it constantly.

@Leo, @ant_pruitt, @gigastacey, or @JeffJarvis…Any of you noticing this on your end?

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It sounds a bit like AGC ramping up in the silent spots.

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I hadn’t noticed, but I’m on the show from home and only hear my room when it’s quiet. THX for the heads-up

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I heard it yesterday while listening at the beginning. I know you guys were working on it. Did you find out what it was? I had to stop listening and haven’t downloaded the podcast yet.

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Yeah thanks for letting us know. We’ve been working on getting that resolved.


My best guess is that this is the result of switching from Skype to obs.ninja for some of our hosts.

Skype does a lot of audio processing that we just took for granted. The sound from obs.ninja isn’t bad, it’s just un-processed. We’ll need to replace the noise reduction locally. I think the best choice here would be to add an expander to all the obs channels.


in a different thread, a few of us determined that it was only occurring on episodes @ant_pruitt was on. it could be his a faulty cable or some kind of interference.

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I want to clarify something. I stopped listening because I left the house to go somewhere. It reads like I stopped because of the hiss. Sorry about that.

Secondly, hard to blame a man (Ant) that likes to listen to Boney James.


Ha! Respect :fist_right:t5:

Over the last week or two I have been editing some videos I made (for some simple software training - and learning how to edit at the same time)… and boy is audio tricky to get right and then consistent. I switched from USB mic to SLR connected with a Focusrite box… so many settings to get right both physically on the analogue side, and then digitally with the recording and then sound mixing and editing.

And I still haven’t got my head fully around Premiere and After Effects yet… or even perfected the green screen keying. Lot’s of fun though… and I will only have maybe a hundred or two people watch this… but still feel the pressure :slight_smile:

I assume if everyone has the same hardware that maybe it’s a fault or setting issue… not that you need my help, but sure am glad that I raised it. Tech is “fun”.

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It’s not Ant. His connection is perfect. Last week it was the sound of Stacy’s heater. Skype expands out background noise. The default settings for obs.ninja deliver flat audio. We just need to process it at our end. We can do a much better job anyway.


You’ll know you’re getting competent with Premiere when it starts crashing every 5 minutes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Now THAT’S funny :joy:

Well I guess I am still a newb then… something to look forward to! lol.

Still beats working in Camtasia :smiley: