Comparison of Sony A95L and LG G3 77"

I’d be curious to see the difference in pictures between the Sony A95L and the LG G3 televisions for 2023. They are both flagship 4k models, but LG uses the MLA tech whereas the Sony uses QD-OLED. I understand from the recent show that Sony claims to be 200% brighter? And from other reviewers, LG claims to be 70% brighter than their past OLED (G2). I’ll be in the market for a new TV and though I know the Sony is not out yet, I’d be curious if it would be worth waiting to see the Sony, or go ahead and get the LG?

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I understand QD-OLED is the newest, best OLED tech. Considering how large a purchase this is, probably not a bad idea to at least wait and see the reviews. Rather than rely on optimistic manufacturer claims, let the review guys give us observed nits.

I always find the end point to be the most personal of choices, particularly for entertainment.

With that in mind I only ever say what I use and advise people YMMD and go and look and listen and make your own mind up.

My stepson swears by LG, but his screen always looks over exaggerated and too high contrast, we have had Sony for the past 14 years and just find the display more natural. Then again he uses Google smart speakers for music and cannot comprehend why have huge Focal speakers for music.

It’s a very personal choice and one you will have to live with for years, so wait and compare, but please do let us know which way you end up going.

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Yes, it is a very personal choice at the end of the day. When we bought our current Bravia, I went to the shop and watched about 5 different shortlisted models for an hour, moving back and forth, watching the juddering on camera sweeps, colours etc.

The Sony looked the most natural, the Samsungs were over blown and gawdy, Panasonic and LG somewhere in the middle.

I’d say, if the OP spent need to swap straight away, I’d go south your advice and wait and compare, or possibly, if the difference isn’t too great, maybe even save on the previous generation Sony, for example, which would probably be heavily marked down.

I own 2016 LG OLED 65B and just bought Samsung’s new 2023 S95C QD-OLED. We used to run over to the LG whenever we wanted the best possible picture. But compared to the Samsung it’s noticeably dimmer and the colors are not as saturated. The black levels on the Samsung are far superior.

If you don’t watch them side-by-side the LG is just fine - OLED is so much better than LCD - but I will absolutely vouch for the superiority of QD-OLED. It’s really noticeable.

Scott Wilkinson is coming up in a few weeks - he and Robert Heron will be doing a review of the Samsung at that time.

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Thanks Leo! I’m looking forward to that and more TWIT programming!