TV technology to choose

Hi everyone
So it’s the age old question again in a little different way
We all know different technologies for TV panels
We all know different brand gimmicks
We all know at the end it comes to price and how pictures look into each individual eyes and brand preferences
We all know TV on display in big box stores may or may not affect which one to choose ( based on the setup and compare the display mode and colors vs the actual use for every day shows or in home movies (non professional watcher :slight_smile: )

Now it comes back again to my choose on what to buy:
My stomach y and history:
During past years I’ve had a few TVs myself and for my family/friends
For me I’ve used LG TVs from 42” to 75”
From 3D to nano led lcd
And I’ve seen Samsung Led Lcd and QLED s
And the best feature for them is single stand vs double stand

I always was a Sony brand big fan from Trintron to OLED but the past few years im a little worried about the quality and sa a few broken ones after a few years

So with that said please help me choose: with these questions
1-Should i go for something around $2000 or more or less
2-Should I choose a higher tear 75” or a little older but 85”? ( I like large screen)
3- for normal use and not worry about burn, and ambient lighting issues should i go for OLED (elegant nice picture low profile) or QLED ( super bright and crisp but VA panel and Samsung) or LED /Mini LED as a newer tech cheaper and bigger
4- pair with a reasonable sound bar $1500
5- Sony ?
A-with sound bar
B-does it support screen center speaker
C- OLED vs LED if with same price size gets to 75”
A- with same brand sound bar
B- OLED or LED (size?)
A- with sound bar
B-don’t think any lower that QLED from this brand
6- when to buy
I’m aware of QOLED technology but it’s so new and goanna be expensive for this year

Time to spend some quality time on RTings ?

My gut would say get a OLED Vizio… but then I’ve never seen on for real because they’re not sold here. My friend has had two of them (he moved and left on behind for his parents) and the fact he re-bought tells me all I need to know.

Don’t trust my opinion though because I’m still using a 10+ year old 1080p Samsung with dimming/failing LED backlights.

Edit: Hmmm it seems they may be hard to find… and are only available up to 65". I don’t know if that’s related to the overall tech unavailability issues we’ve suffered since covid or not.

Edit 2: Scratch all that, I just spoke with my friend and he said
“I never had an OLED… I had a Vizio PQ and now the PQX” Sorry for the confusion. (I remember him asking for shopping advice and talking a great deal about OLED, but I guess in the end the PQ/PQX are very bright with deep enough blacks anyway.)

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So after a little bit of watching them in costco
And reading Rtings
I narrowed it down to choose between
Sony x90 LED 85” $2000
LG Qned 85” $2300
LG OLED 77” $2500

And although it’s smaller and more expensive I would say OLED is the choice

What do you think

For me a TV is like a pair of shoes or a girlfriend. Nobody can tell you what you are going to like or whether it’s worth while spending more on a smaller or better looking one. Bigger is not always better and the ones that looks the best might not be the best long term solution.

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