Collection of observations: things to be grateful for during the crisis

We’re all aware of the downsides. Let’s collect the good sides for a while - not to distract or diminish, just as a reflection on gratitude. Ten things I am grateful for, from my end:

  1. Air pollution is way down, air smells and feels nice and clean; wildlife unaffected / returning.
  2. City, country, world has calmed down.
  3. Neighbourhood appears as a quiet, collected, focused, and friendly group of people.
  4. World feels “more synchronised” and integrated than just three months ago.
  5. Voices of knowledgeable specialists are shaping policy again.
  6. We seem more able to discern conspiracies from more probably accurate views.
  7. There are many examples of good leadership when it counts.
  8. Previously lower status jobs are moving up in appreciation - however little that may mean.
  9. There appears to be a growing sense of community instead of egoism during crisis.
  10. If we manage to do this together, maybe we can tackle even more challenging things together?

What are some observations you are grateful for?


I am grateful for the time I get to interact with my adult children through Facetime and Zoom. Because of the virus they have time to spend with the old man. :grin:


I was out walking the dog and there were over 50 swallows over the river.

Warning , turn down the volume, it was very windy.


Seals? Swallows, right? It’s fun when we get swallows down here in our pond in the park - I think they’re coming over from Starnberger See or Ammersee. Always feels like the coast is closer than one thinks… :slight_smile:

That must be fun! :slight_smile: Would not have guessed from the image that you’d have adult children. You’re just about ten years ahead of me. But then again, it makes perfect sense, generations-wise. Sounds a bit peculiar, but becoming aware of your own age - rather, reflecting on how much life fits into a couple of years - is both banal and staggering at the same time.

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…but becoming aware of your own age - rather, reflecting on how much life fits into a couple of years - is both banal and staggering at the same time.

true story…Thanks for not thinking I am old but if I showed a picture of my all grey virus beard it would be different :grin: I hope you are enjoying your time with your kids Carbonga.

Bloody autocorrect!

Der Erfinder von Autokorrekt ist ein Erdloch und sollte sich ins Knee fügen! :smile:


We don’t have any… I think that’s part of what made me pick up the vibe of and think about your comment. Maybe, it’s underscoring that I can only imagine what you’re grateful for. Must be great. +1 friendlyEnvy :slight_smile:

Fun to see my mom and my in-laws do ok during the crisis and keep in touch with them, so I’ll just do the other direction of keeping in touch. :wink:

Never heard that one before - made me laugh out loud! :slight_smile:

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Family is family I am grateful to hear you enjoyed your time with your mom and in-laws. That is great. Now the only question I have is what did big_D say? :grinning:… if it is an inside joke then I understand.

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I call autocorrect Artificial Stupidity. :wink:


“The inventor of AutoCorrect is a hole in the ground and should fit himself into his knee!” … thanks to autocorrect, it makes about that much sense in German, too - but you can tell the derailed profanity. :innocent:


“Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time”

From Hogfather by Terry Pratchett :slight_smile:

@rolandsmith Yes, unfortunately, the German is very funny, the English equivalent is too different.

I’ve blended out the details of how it translates for those that are easily offended, although I have kept it clean:

The non-existent Earth-hole is a literal translation and more appropriate for the joke (aka autocorrect substituting the wrong name for a part of the human body).

And Fügen is to grout something or to fit something, and is the wrong substitute for a 4-letter word for reproduction. The English equivalent would be a profane version of go forth and procreate with yourself.

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a swarm of swallows and hopefully a resultant reduction in skeeters!

LOL that is great…thanks for the explanation :grinning: