Easily the best thing about Windows 95 - Happy Sunday!

Hi everyone!

I’ve had those flashbacks to this song that came shipped on the Windows 95 CD-ROM. In my ears / eyes, this has matured very well as a Sunday morning feeling.Perfect 90s NYC impression (as in: what you’d imagine a NYC impression must feel like from half way around the world). Exactly the right thing for today and this forum.

Do you guys have some favourite tech Easter eggs worth exploring?

Have a pleasant Sunday! :slight_smile:


The other one I remember was Weezer

But the Edie Brickell song is perfect for a Sunday.

Talking about the feeling of a place, in the mid 90s, my boss at the time had his 50th birthday party in London at the Savoy.

After the party, I escorted a young lady back home, as she was very drunk. I slept on the couch and the next morning, Sunday, I had to walk clear across London, back to my brother’s flat, where I was supposed to be staying. I was still in my dinner jacket from the previous night and it was hot and sunny and the market stalls were setting up for the day.

It reminded me of the scene in The Italian Job (the 60s original, not the dreadful US remake), where Charlie is travelling across London on the back of a milk float, looking at a real of film, whilst London wins to a new morning around him.

It gave me a felling of deja vu feeling.


Riiight - the Weezer song! Excellent. How is the snow doing by now up north?

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Heavy winds and lots of ice crystals flying in the wind. I had to clear our drive twice and I did the front and side pavement, around 150M - we didn’t think about that, when we bought the house, Eckgrundstück (corner property).

I took the dog for a walk at lunchtime and nearly got the car stuck on a field access road… I managed to rock it free and turn around.

It is strange, with the snow drifts parts of the road are free and then you are suddenly faced with a wall of snow. I’ve had more snow, when I was in Bavaria, but it is a lot for here, probably around 40-50cm generally, but some places are bare and others have a metre of snow or so.

The wind seems to have died down a bit in the last hour or so, is gutted only around 30mph/ 50kmh now.

The ice rain isn’t set to hit you guys, is it?

Nope, just plain old rain, slightly cold. I just heard that you guys up north will get close to -20°C mid next week. Sounds like a proper winter! :slight_smile:

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Lisa and I had dinner with Edie Brickell (and some guy named Paul Simon) a few years back. Lisa came this close to persuading her to move to Petaluma.


No way! :smiley:

Would have never thought the two were a pair. Today I learned… I’ve seen she’s been working with Steve Martin, maybe that was your connection?

I’d love to know what she thought about the Windows 95 gig. Maybe not even too much? I doubt I’d ever heard about her otherwise.

What a fun anecdote - thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Yeah Steve Martin and his wife, Anne, were there, too. It was on the occasion of the out-of-town run of their show, Bright Star, at San Diego’s Old Globe theater. Lisa and Edie hit it off like a house afire.