Who else is feeling the stress

Up until yesterday - all this chaos was interesting, sad, and a bit crazy. But, I was handling it okay. I managed to get some stuff at the store, so I am good at that regard. And, all this wasn’t really bothering me…

But with my job (probation officer), I come into contact with many, many people daily.

When I got up and went to work yesterday, I will admit to having some anxiety about all of this now. Other places are being allowed to stay in the office and see no one, but not where I work, unfortunately. Even other employees in our building have been pulled out because my part is still doing business as usual…

Plus, I have asthma, so getting this concerns me.

Now, every time I am near someone who is coughing, I worry. I had done a great job of tuning all this out up until now. I had been watching the news a lot too. Now, I find myself turning off the news - I don’t need the stress.

I tried listening to the Tech Guy podcasts from the last two weekends yesterday - but even they have a lot of talk about the virus. I had to skip the intro and the part with Johnny Jet because I don’t want to hear anymore about it for right now.

I’ve been watching Youtube vids or listening to comedy on XM radio to get my mind off of all this…

I am not one to worry about this. I take everything in stride, and am good at tuning stuff out. But all this is starting to bug even me…


Yes, I’ve been suffering from increased anxiety for the last couple of weeks. It seems to be calming down a bit now.

I think I am in overload and just don’t care any more. I’m just putting my head down and carrying on as best I can.


I was doing OK, yesterday it did seem to cause more concern and worry for me. Maybe all the red coronavirus signs display at the bottom of many TV “news” show was taking a toll. Took the afternoon off from TV and radio. Today seems better; seems like maybe some progress is being made on the reporting and treatment fronts. Helps when the stock market does better, hopefully that can tone down a little. Would be nice to see a little less political/ideological flatulence, vitriol, hate, calculated advantage-taking from ALL sides and more reasoned explanation and helpful discussion.


I’m right there with everyone. I just had a couple of large/busy projects finish up, dealt with a security vulnerability that left a lot of my customers exploited, and now dealing with customers who need to ramp up their remote access, yesterday. Add in that all of my normal stress relievers are all talking the virus, I’m about to burst.


I am in the same boat. I have asthma which puts me in a higher risk category. I also might have been exposed, as the husband of a co-worker had a serious respiratory issue, and we are awaiting the test results.

Thankfully my employer has been great and everyone has been working from home since Thursday last week (the day after the co-workers husband had respiratory issues).

Stress has been high, and my productivity has been low. But things will get better… just not right now.


Really sorry to hear of your situation. Only thing I can offer is what everyone is saying: wash your hands A LOT, keep hands off your face, drink a lot water or even any liquids because it helps wash the crap out of your mouth. Get exercise…that really helps with the stress. A walk outside in nature is wonderful.

Hang in there!



I am not going outside currently just incase I am infected. Thankfully I can entertain myself for days with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection (the benefits of being a geek).

I am fine. Just stressed out. But I have a good employer, great family and friends, and am lucky enough to live in Canada so no matter what happens I won’t get stressed out by medical bills.


I hear ya Mistershipwreck… you are not alone and I’m thinking about as you deal with this


Been pretty stressed here today. Haven’t watched much TWiT for ages. We’re isolated for 3 months (wife is high-risk and vulnerable), my mum and step-dad are the same and so is my dad (all heart disease and cancer). Plus my younger brother has symptoms so his family are isolated for 14 days. Daughter out in Florida.

I’m ex-Critical National Infrastructure, been part of the COBRA process, so know how big a deal all this is, but have to be careful not to panic the family.


I think stress is the biggest killer - it works on you even when you sleep.

I don’t watch TV period, especially the lame stream media fake news. Russia Russia Russia Russia Corona Corona Corona Corona


I’m sorry to hear of your anxiety! I’m over 65 and diabetic so I’m in the “at risk” category and the first death in California was in my little city of Rocklin! I’m also retired so I don’t HAVE to go out. I have heard that wearing an N95 mask is a good idea (in Asia they wear them a lot) and make sure you have zinc in your diet - it helps against viruses like colds and flu. You can use a zinc supplement for normal times or a zinc lozenge (like cold eze) if you start to feel sick! Hope all is well brother!!!


Yup, this week has been a non-stop kick to the tender-bits. Got laid off on Thursday (never happened to me before), and although my family is physically close, they’ve all got small children, so I’m doing the self-isolation thing, just to be on the safe side. But, it feels like they’re on the other side of the planet.

So, yeah, feeling the stress.

BUT, then my inner drill-sergeant (still as ugly and mean as he was back in 1987) pops into my head and asks, “is anyone shooting at you, cupcake? Are you bleeding somewhere that I can’t see?” Deep breath. “No, Sergeant.” And, I realize I’m okay. Stressed the hell out, but okay.

What to do?

  1. Update the resume.
  2. Listen to very loud music through headphones (currently the Dropkick Murphys, because it St. Patrick’s Day).
  3. Tomorrow morning, proof-read the resume for errors and swear words. Ha! Then upload to LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, and any other service I can think of.
  4. Remind myself that I am older then the World Wide Web, and I have not survived this long to die today…
  5. Do what the people smarter then I tell me to do (like washing my damn hands).
  6. Finally, laugh more.

That’s really all I’ve got, but any plan is better than none at all. :sunglasses:


In such a crazy time as this, my mind goes to a talk that the late Michael Crichton gave in 2005, States of Fear: Science or Politics? https://youtu.be/MDCCvOv3qZY?t=456

And, as far as the virus is concerned, I have found some peace listening (well, reading subtitles) to the words of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

Be well!


Odds are pretty good that someone who thinks a global pandemic is fake news is not taking any precautions to help keep society safer. I wish people like you were fake news.


I gave @charlie the benefit of the doubt and assumed he meant the way the news was being presented by the more sensationalist 24/7 news media was not helpful, rather than he thought a novel virus global pandemic that we have zero immunity for wasn’t happening.

I’m very impressed with the UK media actually, they very quickly switched from ‘commentators’ who were more interested in scoring political points to actual experts and scientists that we should all be listening to. I mute/suppress all ‘tabloid’ news sources.

20,000 deaths here is being described a ‘very good result’ if we all strictly follow the advice (flu-related here is around 17,000 a year). Ignore it and it will be nearer 250,000.


Stressed here too, and in lockdown in France. But fortunate, in that we can both work from home, and have plenty of food. And indeed that there’s two of us - I woudn’t be happy if I was alone.
I’m trying to just go shopping once a week - we’ll see how that goes. I’m not generally good at staying at home, but working on my mental attitude.
Oh man, and thank you @leo and all the team, we need you more than ever!


I’m definitely feeling the stress. My workplace just closed our offices and enforced everyone to work from home. Friends and family are isolating themselves and some don’t even have online connections, and I live with co-tenants that are forcing me to pay the extra bills and rent for the Work-From-Home stuff everyone’s going through (long-story that involves me consulting several people to get out of this)

/rant (I hope people will forgive a bit of a rant)

Breaking down the biggest stressors during this time:

==Worry for other’s safety:==
I’m a relatively healthy person, but a LOT of the people around me are quite sick and I’m trying my damndest to keep myself safe while also running the errands of those around me who would be at risk (athsma sufferers, immunocompromised, etc). Doesn’t help that everyone around here is rushing to get that sweet, sweet toilet paper…? And stocking up on everything that they don’t need. This means I’m often around people who just look sick as a dog trying to push me away from the last can of stew on the Woolies shelves.

==Disconnected from people:==
I work with people who aren’t very active online, we’re very friendly in person and can have a great time but reading “text tone” and trying to explain things via text-based messaging has started to hit hard. Since we’ve started working from home I’ve started to spend extra time building Documents with diagrams to explain a basic system workflow which could be solved in a quick 10 second showing with a whiteboard and commentary. This leaves everyone in a fairly unhappy mood and then comes the “are you mad” thing because no one can read text-tone correctly. Not to mention the flame wars I’ve been seeing from people who just cannot communicate well over text :s

I loathe social media, so I’m not happy with having to use it to get a general feeling of how the people around me are doing.

==Working from Home:==
Ironic given my industry (software development), I loath working from home. I really enjoy coming into the office and having a separate work/life balance being physically different locations. Always have and always will. I’m lucky enough to live close to one of our 2 offices in Melbourne and unlucky enough that the office I live close to is not my “base office”, when we shut down my “base office” I’ve been going to the one that’s closest as I really don’t want to have to go through the abusive housemates and extended utility bills but now they’re shutting that one down too. Not to mention Australia’s NBN is not having a great time (HFC connections)

The the nit pick I’d have with WFH though is “switching off”. Usually a commute would be sufficient time to “de-compress” my thoughts before coming home and being able to have a bit of a life, now I need “switch off” in an instant. As soon as my work-computer is shut down I find myself still thinking about work for hours later. Making those around me quite frustrated.

==The bloody hoarders:==
I don’t even know how to articulate my confused emotions on that one. My countries greatest reaction to the crisis is to panic buy all the Toilet Paper they can find and abuse Retail staff to get it. Feeling that national pride… There’s a problem with panic buying other necessities too, it’s just crazy.

What are the people with 50+ rolls of TP going to do, put the toilet paper in a bathtub full of water and fement it with sugar and yeast to brew some bogroll wine?

/rantover (sorry again for the word vomit that just ensued)


not sure he intended to say this crisis is not real but that the media seems to be helping to fuel the panic with the reporting that is going on. That is not to say it shouldn’t be reported. Having continual stark, red banners and alerts that only seem to be designed to promote clicks or views is getting old. We need to be informed but also may need a little brake from some of the hysteria at times.


Hi :slight_smile:

This type of situation creates lots of opportunity for stress as there are so many unknowns, lack of control, financial and health implications not only for us personally but for people we care about.

My wife and I are relatively insulated financially with savings for a short period. My wife’s business has effectively stopped as most clients have cancelled and quarantined themselves. We are paying the staff full wages for the time being as long as finances allow. We have a small private rental portfolio for professionals. At this point all is continuing as usual but at some point the upheaval will feed down to our tenants. We have less room for movement here so will just have to take it as it comes. The UK Government is supposed to release details of help for renters later today. It was announced yesterday that people with mortgages will have access to a 3 month payment holiday if required. I have not ascertained if that relates to rental mortgages too. We have chosen to continue receiving/paying for services we receive from people too for as long as possible to help dampen the economic impact on them.

Health wise we are not in the age range for increased chances of complications from the virus. So the health implications I’m not worried about and there is nothing I can do anyway. My parents are within the increased risk age and have health issues and have self isolated.

I had a discussion about the situation with my father and discussed a thought experiment on the implications of the best time to get the virus. It is unlikely that it can be avoided completely so are you better getting it now in the UK while things are still relatively quiet and hospital beds/services/machines/staff/meds are available or getting it later when lessons have be learnt and/or a vaccine is available but the hospital service may be overrun by that point with lack of beds/services/machines/staff/meds. This reminds me of a quote I read that went something like this. I can’t remember who said it:

“By the time you have all the information required to make a decision, it’s too late.”

Luckily big issues and things not within my control I do not typically get stressed over and just roll with the punches and adapt/react/plan as things unfold. I enjoy the challenge and the focus it brings, although I would still rather these types of issues did not arrive. Although we have not had any extremely bad situations some people have, some of our greatest leaps forward have come from when things have gone most wrong for us, so that helps. But on the other hand I literally research endlessly for simple things like a £40 pair of trainers for months and even years for the perfect pair and the when I finally purchase I then suffer buyers remorse and anxiety with, was this really the best choice I bet the other pair was better…

The balance of health VS economies the Governments have to make is a hard one with best case being both have to take a proportion of the hit so one or the other does not collapse.

Hopefully we all come out the other side intact and society puts things in place for the such future events as this situation could have been much worse than it is this time around.

In the meantime my wife plans on using our down time for us to overhaul the garden. I explained I already had a plan to use the time to improve my Battlefield 1 gaming win ratio, she was not convinced. Saying this, as a geek, working from home and generally avoiding socializing I have been self isolating for the last decade anyway so nothing new for me and my wife has been avoiding all non essential physical contact with me for decades too so we are all good!

When the grandchildren visited at the weekend I dressed up in a white paper suit, respirator mask, full face shield, latex gloves and a backpack garden sprayer and IR thermometer and pretended to spray them down before they were allowed to enter the house :rofl: But as they already know my humour they were completely unfazed and just acted as if all was normal…

Hopefully we all get through it with as few issues as possible soon. :slight_smile:


Welcome in my world. I research, I put off, I get the okay from my wife, I purchase and think, “oh my gawd, what have I done?” :smiley: