Catalina and SMB shares issues

So I just bought a brand new MacBook Pro 16” and it comes with Catalina preinstalled.

Whenever I try to access my unraid shares over my network using SMB it takes a good minute just to open a folder in those shares and show me the files. It is very very slow to browse those folders or play a video.

I have the latest unraid OS and when I access those shares using windows it is crazy fast, almost instant!!

Does macOS have a problem with SMB protocol? And advices or ideas how to solve this issue?

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I am unfamiliar with unraid but I assume it is using Samba for it’s SMB shares

Take a look at the vfs_fruit module in Samba, it enables the apple SMB extensions and improves SMB performance for macOS clients simnifically.

Not an answer, but an observations: As a Synology + Mac user, I’ve seen many woes starting back when Apple deprecated AFP for SMB (Samba) in Sierra or High Sierra. Synology users had many problems, but tweaking settings improved things for many. Source of the issue was Synology’s Samba version lagging…

These links are very helpful; I suspect they will work well for me with Synology too. Thanks!