Sync files to NAS

I’m sure @Leo has mentioned this many times, but what is the utility that Leo uses to sync files on his Mac? I’ve just repurposed my old Windows machine as a TrueNAS server and want to periodically sync files between my Mac and a SMB share on the NAS. I have tried rsync, but is a bit unsatisfactory.

I’m not sure what Leo uses, but I recently started using Chronosync

I thought it was psync, but I could be wrong.

Thanks, that looks very comprehensive. I just found an old Hands On Mac where Leo shows off SyncThing, which TrueNAS has a plug-in for. Might give that a try. Though it’s not a scheduled backup, it might do what I need.

Just an update… figured out rsync and have created an Automator task to run backup every night.


I use a Synology NAS which has several ways to do automated backup.

And then I mirror the NAS at home to a duplicate NAS at work for off-site redundancy.

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