Anyone mount a SMB share in iPadOS Files app

I keep getting this message no matter what I try.

I can confirm that I have connected to SMB via iPadOS… works great…

But how have you connected?

I have a flash drive hanging off an AirPort Extreme, if that helps. Readdle apps recognize it, but Files does not.

Works for me. I have a Drobo connected to an iMac. Allowed ‘file sharing’ and added Drobo in macOS/ system prefs then entered IP/username/password in the Files app.

I do however have a networked Synology that I can’t access in the files app. I don’t think it’s SMB though…?? Haven’t dug into it.

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I am accessing a Windows SMB Share off of a Windows 10 Box. I use address for user name and the corresponding password. I also have a FreeNAS setup with a SMB share that I connect to.

What “format” did you use to enter the address? I have used

Suggestions? Thanks.

I use only the IP of the machine.

I’m wondering if the AirPort Extreme only supports SMB v1 and the Files app only supports SMB v2+ . There were some security flaws found in SMB v1 a few years ago and Microsoft doesn’t even support it by default in Windows 10 any more.The AirPort Extreme is old enough that it may still be using SMB v1. Can you connect to the AirPort Extreme with anything other machine like a Windows or Mac computer?

I would use either one of these syntaxes:

These are similar to the MacOS implementation of SMB.

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I am able to see the drive on my Mac with older MacOS up to Mohave. I haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet. I don’t have a windows machine. Interesting theory. Thanks.