Bug Ruins the Note 10 as the Perfect Windows Phone

I’m posting this here because I would love to get the Windows experts input on this. As an Outlook.com user of their email, contacts and calendars, and an avid Windows user, I purchased the Note 10 thinking it would be the perfect Windows companion phone. I loved the integration with Windows 10 but there was a simple bug on the phone that rendered it useless for me. That is native Outlook.com/Exchange calendar integration.

In order to see my Outlook.com/Exchange calendars on the Always on Display I had to download the Samsung email app in order to enable sync for my calendars. I will not use the gmail app because it doesn’t allow you to edit Outlook.com/Exchange calendar events. Well, the Samsung email app has a widely acknowledged bug with Outlook.com/Exchange calendar events where it will move all day events to the day prior to the actual event. Here is a thread detailing the issue:https://support.google.com/calendar/thread/10005798?hl=en . It seems some users were able to resolve this by rolling back an update on the Samsung email app but that didn’t work for me.

This is all to say, how can the Note 10, which Microsoft and Samsung collaborated on (software-wise) have such a basic but necessary feature not work? Has Mary Jo or Paul come across this issue or are they gmail users in which case this is a nonissue?

P.S. I understand I can use the Outlook app (which I do) or a third party calendar app but that won’t integrate natively with the Always on Display.