Broken Apps for Paid Services (OR The Meetup App is the Worst!)

It is frustrating when the apps for paid services do not work. My example below is with the Meetup app. Meetup is not a free service. As an organizer, I pay ~$180 a year - and the organizers of Meetups the I attend pay as well. Has anybody else had similar experiences with other paid services?

I attend a few Meetups as both an organizer and an attendee. The iOS Meetup app has been buggy and broken since I started using it several years ago. I’ve heard that the Android app isn’t much better.

A few weeks ago, the app popped up “are you loving the app?” I said “no” and it opened an email to Meetup Support. So I sent…

" iPhone app is still completely broken. Confirmed that other iPhone users have the same exact issues. These issues have existed for at few years now.

Open app. Tap notifications. See notification that someone commented. Tap notification. Get blank screen (attached

Open app. Tap notifications. See notification that someone posted a photo. Tap notification. See only 3 out of 12+ pictures. Pic that triggered the notification not included (attached shows app issue & shows in browser that there are way more pictures than the app is showing)."

They responded:

"Thanks for reaching out about your experience with tapping notifications.

You are correct, there is an issue where tapping certain notifications results in a blank screen.

I investigated and confirmed the issue and I’ve alerted our engineers to your experience specifically.

At this point, we have some more investigating to do and there isn’t an exact timeframe of when the problem will be fixed.

Here are a few things that we’re working on going forward:

  1. The engineers will continue to investigate the cause of the problem.
  2. We’ll collect feedback from other organizers or members experiencing the same problem to add to our investigation.
  3. We’ll categorize the problem and work to resolve it.

Thank you for your patience, check back with us for updates or if you experience any further issues."