Impact of Mobile tech on life

iOS 13 appears to have introduced a problem with Apple Pay for some users, me included. Stepping up to pay for an item in a shop POS (Point Of Sale device), having Apple Pay not respond, and then finding you did not bring the required card can be very embarrassing and annoying. So who is at fault here? Is it Apples requirement to guarantee Apple Pay works every time? Is the dream of a cashless and walletless world a pipe dream?

Downunder, our use of Tap and Pay is much more prevalent then in the US. Even fairly common at places like a community market, with temporary stalls. My experience in several EU countries was similar to Australia. Most places you pay for something have a generic POS device provided by their bank. Tapping with a RFID enabled card or phone for anything up to $100.00 does not require even a PIN input. And, at a many places, using Apple Pay with Touch or Face ID or Apple Watch doesn’t require a PIN for higher priced purchases.

At least 3 states and/or territories here are now introducing digital drivers licenses, and ID. So, what happens when someone gets pulled over and their phone doesn’t work?

Not sure if digital passports will be mobile device dependent. A protected database with biometrics seems doable within a single country for its own citizens and residents, but how would it work with foreign visitors unless there is a universally accepted system?


I have been using Apple Pay whenever I can for a year or 2 now. I’ve not experienced a failure for the phone to respond yet but I always carry the corresponding card too if it were to happen. My experience is there are still places that don’t have a cc machine that takes Apple pay. I’m in a more rural than urban area, but some pretty big stores in my nearest bigger city still haven’t updated their machines in the past couple years to include this feature.
I will say though quite often when this 60 plus year old guy pays with his phone and the 20 to 30 year old clerk hears the ding from a successful and very quick payment, their eyes light up in amazement that I have it setup on my phone and they are not sure how to do it yet.


Have had no problems with Apple Pay here in Adelaide on my iPhone XS running 13.1.2 and on Apple Watch 4. Am using it all the time (I don’t really carry cash at all). You can always try remiving card and adding it again.


Have to admit I don’t use mobile Apple Pay. It’s not that I don’t want to I just forget to I have been handing over a card too long.

I use mobile pay whenever I can. It’s very annoying at the supermarket when after my phone gets scanned, it tells me to use the card.

Appreciate the input. Actually got iPhone Apple Pay problem fixed on first weekend of iOS 13 by contacting Apple Support, and the Tech actually helping, and together discovering the problem (upgrade set settings>touch I’d & passwords>access when locked>wallet to “off”). Then, by having him run online diagnostics on two older phones, fixed ongoing NFC problems.

I have been living in various part of the world, and always wonder why banks in the US are so slow in implementing credit cards with chips & pins, and now mobile payment.
With mobile payment such as using QR code, like one use with the WeChat app, it actually solves the issue with not able to upgrade the hardware in the store. All you need is a picture of the QR code for your store. If it requires integration with the store POS system, then the store scan your QR code from your app.
There is always concern with data privacy and what not, but credit and debit card seems to be even less safe.
It has been really convenient and since you bring your phone almost everywhere, you’ll never forget your wallet again when shopping for grocery. :grin::grin:

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We need a lot of reform in policing mentality, along with some laws to insist on it, before anyone should ever consider voluntarily handing their second brain, their smart phone, over to someone empowered to legally take your money and lock away your freedoms. Power corrupts.

We are going down the digital rabbit hole I think. These devices are the new reality I keep everything in mine.

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I would hope that digital IDs would work like Apple Pay. An NFC device that gets only the specific ID info, never handing over your phone, and controlled by biometric permission (Touch/Face ID) or PIN.

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