Bookmark manager?

Is there any great app that improves on the bookmark management beyond what is offered in Safari? I see a number of apps in the store, but none of the apps appear as a standout choice. Any experience with this?

I have no experience with this application class… I don’t have enough bookmarks I need to manage … I can remember most of them and just type them in from memory. In any case, a quick Google revealed this, which I have never heard of before, but might be just want you want:


I do place commonly used bookmarks in my browser’s bookmarks bar, and sync them on several PC and OS. Ultimately, the bookmarks I care about are in LastPass. I’m on my MAC right now and have 2 work accounts and one personal syncing bookmarks on Brave, Chrome, and Chrome Canary on the 3 accounts, but I can’t bring myself to get used to Safari.

If there was a product that stored my bookmarks centrally and was able to display them in various browsers I’d be all in. Closest I got back in the day was regediting and pointing browsers to a local .html. Too much work!

There used to be Xmarks…

What kinds of stuff would you like to do?

Thanks for all the input. To be honest, not even sure what the most ideal plugin or add-on would look like. Sometimes I think the best innovations are things we’ve never even considered. I have a large number of bookmarks. Better organization would be paramount.

I’ve been using Pocket for bookmarks, actually. Works really well, but you can’t organize them like in Chrome or Firefox, which I also use, but those bookmarks stay fairly mostly unchanged.

I don’t know if it needs to be mentioned, but Pocket was acquired by Firefox and is now built into Firefox.

I did not know that you could sync bookmarks using lastpass. Could you explain to me how you do so or send me a link to a youtube or blog post that explains how to set this up. I’ve been using last pass for a couple years now but I didn’t know this was an option. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

LastPass used to own Xmarks. Xmarks was their bookmark syncing add-on/website. It’s dead, and not coming back. (To be honest, they bought it for next to nothing while it was already failing and let it continue to fail.)
Quote from :

I don’t think that was what they were implying. They’re saying that their important sites require username and passwords, which are stored in LastPass. LastPass syncs between devices, in a manner of speaking, because it will fetch the data into a local cache when you log in so that you might still have access during a LastPass outage. There is no sync between LastPass and the browser hosting its extension.

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Right PHolder. Although Lastpass isn’t a bookmark manager, you can type into its browser addon “Amazon” for instance and select it. I keep some non-password bookmarks on the browser bookmark bar (always showing), and just use the browser sync facility for those.

I use 1Password to manage my passwords, a very similar concept to LastPass. 1Password basically manages the sign-in pages for my accounts. It is bookmarking concept of sorts.

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I have use this particular service it seems to work pretty well. Probably worth a shot…

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