Book scanner that doesn’t have to connect to a cloud

Hi, I am looking for a book scanner that scans and converts to searchable pdfs. However I do not want my scanned files uploaded to the internet. And, I only want trustworthy apps on my computer. Any suggestions? Who would want their business documents scanned to the cloud of the company who made the scanner? Thanks.

Was there models you’ve already eliminated because they were cloudy?

I think one of the top rated (and top expensive) models is but I don’t know if it has cloudy features.

@rojo118 Czur is a new entry and has good software, but the “connection” is the reason I don’t use it much. Though I have one isolated and works. Are you looking for a small page by page mobile unit? I use a Brother DS920, works well. Though I use Microsoft Lens/OneDrive on my phone more now. Free software but is cloud. For volume, my Canon has been a workhorse for me for a decade. All-In-One printer: Brother is good value. IRIS is a Canon subsidiary, very good great software. (You’ll notice IRIS equipment seems “simliar to Czur”) Hmmm :). Good hunting.

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This review of the Czur ET18 Pro just dropped on retro computer channel RMC.

Thank you for the information.

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I thought that looked familiar and it’s because I saw curiousmarc talk about it as well:

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