Personal Document Management Solution (MAC)

My New Years goal is to digitize all of my paper life. I am going to be scanning all of these documents.

I am looking for a software solution to organize all of these documents.

Needs: Not hosted online (as I don’t want to put financial, medical and tax data in an unsecured cloud).
Mac Compatible or able to be ran on my private Synology NAS.
Able to support PDFs.

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Good luck, let us know how that goes!

One of my macFriends incorporated his paper document inventory with his physical inventory using home inventory software. Makes me envious but so far I’m still too lazy.

What program did they use?

I take it are you looking for more then just a scanner and and making a bunch of folders. Something that can do OCR and a central search panel?

Looking at my Synology apps, I see there is a Git server that can be installed. So at the least you could scan in paper and add it to Git with a description.

I found this on a search, no idea how well it works. Does not run on your NAS, but may be able to store things there.

This is NOT a recommendation, as I have never used it, but it appears to be an open source project that has closed source upsell versions for businesses. So therefor it may be way overkill… hard to know without getting to know it. I found it from a TWiT sponsor Capterra:

They have some screenshots to give you a flavour:

It doesn’t specifically call out a Mac version thou, and you probably have to build it yourself. It appears to be developed in Java, so it SHOULD run anyway, but that doesn’t always go straight forwardly.

I use Scanner Pro (by Readdle) on my phone and then sync to the Mac via Resilio Sync. And then I just move the PDF scans into local folders on the Mac.


When some documents can be over the 30 pages (one that I just scanned was 130) using cellphone does not seem very efficient

If your documents fit well into a document feeder sure. I primarily scan music which is often bound, double sided, too large, etc. I might spend over an hour scanning over 100 pages for a musical, but that’ll pay dividends having the music in that format which I will use. I also have to be very meticulous in cropping each page.

That said, phone scanning apps are pretty good at detecting pages, and even have automatic scan modes.

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