Photo Scanners recommendation

looking for some help. We have about 1000 to 1500 photos of our own, and the wife’s family have just sent us probably 1200 more. don’t really have the room to store them, and don’t want to leave them outside in the shed were they will degrade. so we want to scan them. So at what point is a service better then doing it yourself price wise? Also what scanners do people recommend? would like to keep it around the $600 mark if at all possible.

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Epson has the fast photo scanner that Leo always recommends. But, if this is really a one shot deal, a service might make more sense.

I would swear that a week or two ago, Leo talked about that Epson scanner on The Tech Guy - and he said that Epson Fast Photo was around $500 - if ya look hard enough for a deal.

With THAT many photos, you would be paying a fortune for a scanning service. May as well buy the scanner.

If I remember right, he said it has a sheet feeder, and can do around 1 photo per second, or something like that…

All the services that we looked at in our area was anywhere from $0.30 to over $1.00 per photo. I thought I hear him mention the Epson a few times before. I’ve seen it down to as little as $425. Just didn’t know if I was missing one in my research.

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There were 2 or 3 calls in the past few weeks on The Tech Guy on this very issue. Leo recommended that one every time. It’s probably the way to go.