Use of Simple devices vs full computer

As 76 yr old I like genealogy. Doing research on IOS, Google etc. means all your research is in the cloud. Like using the cloud however how do I save all that work. I spend hours doing research. I want it in my possession not in the cloud. I can download a GED but that does not contain the document images and more. Other issue is a GED is not compatible with many cloud storage. Dropbox will not accept in a free accunt.

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My knowledge of GED files is very limited and could be out of date/wrong but I believe GED files are text only so images/other files/data would need to be download separately. What form your other research takes you would have to say for any suggestion.

I do not see an reason why Dropbox or other cloud service would not allow a GED file or any file type for that matter. If it is actually an issue I am not aware of then I would just put the GED file in a zip file and upload.

Depending on your risk adversity to loosing the data I would advise you to use an actual backup service and not a cloud sharing service like dropbox. Things like Crashplan / Spider Oak / Idrive (Twit sponsor) / Backblaze etc etc. They have various features of redundancy and versioning etc. Keeping a local copy too of course and even one on dropbox as you can never have too many back ups!

I helped someone with a similar situation that resisted having a back up and has 15 years worth of work! I explained the pain they feel when they lose a document with 4 hrs of work and they are on the phone to me to try and recover the file. I said imagine loosing 15 years of your work! For around ~£100 per year can have a much higher level of security. If money is an issue then Idrive do a 5GB free tier. I am not sure of the specifications of the service.

Recently Dropbox changed their pricing policy. Have to pay about $100s a year. Save to cloud disables import into 3rd party apps. Went back to Carbonite as a backup but I have no way to download from cloud except GED or Family Tree Maker. Currently use FTM to save save to my computer. Then Export to GED and inport to Roots Magic. Can not backup from Ancestry or family search. Having done genealogy for 20 years My ancestry tree has 9000 people and thousands of images. Now Ancestry has a new owner, Blackstone. Have backups on carbonite. The problem is anything in the cloud is not under my full control. I have those backups in Carbonite from FTM.

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From this page it looks like it would all have to be done one document at a time… and with your 20 years / 9000 people that will probably take another 20 years!

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this looks like it is what I need. Thanks so much. Stay Safe😷

Thanks again. You have been a big help.

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You are welcome :slight_smile: