Beware iPhone “water resistance”

Got my iPhone 11 wet when splashed, not being concerned as Apple ad below says it is safe;

Plugged it in to charge. Green charge light came on momentarily, then message popped up that moisture was detected in the charging port.

My experience with electricity is that even a momentary connection can wreck havoc with devices, a good example being the “w” on a keyboard not working after a static discharge, or better yet, a discharge on a spacecraft when powering on a unit, killing that unit.

Ok, no problem. Even if it had wiped out the iPhone, Apple covers it, right?

Read the warranty!!

Not covered if;

(d) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact, earthquake or other external cause;

Luckily, phone was ok after port dried out. Be aware advice is not try to dry the moisture or to use heat.

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I’ve been cleaning my iPhone X under the faucet from time to time since I got it 2 years ago with no ill effects.

But I usually charge it on a wireless charging stand and let it dry for a while before putting back on the charger.
I also always try to hold the phone in a way that I’m not shooting water right into all the holes on the bottom.

Probably not a good idea, but I love that squeaky clean phone feeling.

My iPhone X and I got dumped on while taking pics of the kids in a splash pad and the Face ID camera stopped working. Not repairable; $499 to just replace the whole device if I recall correctly. I won’t be taking any iPhones near water again.