The case for or against a portless iOS/iPad OS device

I am curious about the TWIT communities talking points towards a portless iOS/iPad OS device… or any type of device (android or maybe a Chromebook or WINpc)

My big hang-ups are large file transfers from device to computer (videographer) and how to handle DFU.

Your thoughts, please.

I think it’s pretty clear that any “portless” device must have a smart connector which allows for data, power, and command-and-control.

Apple will almost certainly use the existing smart connector for exactly that.

“No holes” doesn’t mean no access.


I was pissed that I couldn’t find a decent laptop with a legit ethernet port, so yea any kind of portless device would rub me the wrong way. Really thinking about ordering Sony’s Xperia 1 ii mostly cause they included a 3.5mm jack. I just don’t get the aversion to ports.

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Beyond up-selling consumers on wireless headphones, a manufacturer might appreciate having fewer points where water or contaminants can enter; fewer potential points of stress/failure from plugging and unplugging thousands of times, or connection points being stressed at an angle. I don’t whether, or how long, there would be some benefit from a security standpoint to having a proprietary smart connector rather than a lightning or type c port; probably not long if at all. Maybe a case with no ports could be marginally stronger or lighter? I’m not a materials engineer but these people seem to care about stuff at the level of individual grams and millimeters.

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If I have to charge it, it has to have a USB-C port. No exceptions. I have passed buying recent devices/toys because they were mini or micro USB. Surely they can make a USB-C port that is robust enough that the device can be waterproof enough to meet the needs of most people. I could even envision a USB-C “plug” that can used to cover the hole and increase its durability when not in use.

Thank you Leo for your perspective. I know if I want to charge quickly I go for a port charge instead of a Qi charge. Other than a near-field type connection sync option, do you think that IT admins are not anxious about modifying the OS via connections that don’t require a hardware connection? I mean we could do an MDM on an IT admin level. But what about on the consumer level? The more “techy” power you give to people (especially on a security level), the more you leave the door open to people that don’t know any better.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard already does provide a Type C → Smart connector path. No data, but I’m guessing that’s just an artificial limitation. I’m sure we’ll see cases that offer type-c charging even with a portless iPhone.

Cabled is always more secure and more reliable (and for power, more efficient) than wireless.

I always prefer using a cable, if it is possible.