iPhone Xs battery health after 13 months

Just wondering what others’ battery health is like on their iPhones after a year’s use. Mine is sitting at 86%. It has been at that level for a few months now. There was a rapid decline in the first six months and then just held steady. Is this your experience? Should I be concerned that it is down to 86% after a year?

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That does seem odd. You should have had someone at an Apple store look at it around the 11 month mark. I know Apple will replace the battery for $49 when you are out of warranty

Well the level is holding on and the phone lasts me through the day. I’ll get it looked at if it declines sharply.

I have had other old phones do something similar - but after a much longer time… Not that quickly…

I think my Samsung Galaxy S8 went down to 90% after a year. I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m a pretty heavy user of the phone.

That is the phone I have (the S8), and I have had no battery issues. I just paid my 12th payment on it 2 days ago - so, I’ve had it for a year now. Nice to finally be done paying it off (12 months no interest - I figured, why not pay it off monthly)

Sorry that you seem to keep having this issue with your phones, it seems.

Oh, do you ever let it get down below 20%? That can damage a lithium ion battery.

Not if I can help it. I put it on charge at work. I use it heavily on my hour’s commute to work so needs a charge during a work day. At the weekend, when I’m not using the phone as much, it’ll get down to about 30% at 10pm without a top up.

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Honestly I bet if you take it to Apple now, they’d consider replacing the battery.

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I have the 10xs and so I checked the battery health due to your issue. Mine is also just over a year old and it’s at 96%. So yours seems to be a lot lower!

I’d second the trip to the Apple store.