IPhone has mind of it's own

My iPhone 6+ has a mind of it’s own now. Making calls, opening apps, and when I try to enter my code from sleep moce to turn it off it fills in the code on it’s own. It’s always the wrong code but it fills so fast that it very quickly went to 10 chances and is now locked out for 60 minutes. I just received the new iPhone 11Pro MAx as a gift, and now want to access my phone to shut it all down, but now I can’t, and I want to be able to send it in for the exchange credit.
Thoughts and thank you!

Or should I just pop the sim card and send it in?

You can still hardware reset it if you have an actual computer that a recent enough iTunes version can run on:

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Thank you for your help!

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Sounds like a dodgy touchscreen

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Did you have any success?

I think my Motorola g6 plus did this in the past. Back then it recovered after a reboot.

Thats exactly what I was thinking when I read this. Sounds like something within the digitizer is making a selection on the screen causing the phone to register a touch when nothing is actually touching it. Also if you have any screen protector on, I’d recommend taking that off and see if that solves the issues. Hope you get it cleared away and sent off with out any issues.