Because We Make Podcast: All About Ant Pruitt

I hope @ant_pruitt won’t mind me posting this. He tweeted about it so I’m sure he’ll be okay with it.
It’s a wonderful podcast where Ant tells how he went from < no spoilers from me > to being a TWiT host. All I’ll say is, “Ant, you are an inspiration.”

Because We Make: All About Ant Pruitt


Oh WOW. Thanks for listening to that, @P_J. That was a pretty emotional discussion for me when I started thinking about it all.


I bet it was. Thanks for sharing your story (so far…you ain’t done yet, dadgumit) with the world.

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lol! #HappyButNotSatisfied :fist_right:t5:

@ant_pruitt Your story is very inspiring. I really appreciate the way you explained your journey to where you are today. It gave me some much-needed motivation. Thank you!


(wipes eyes)
My pleasure, @jim. I appreciate you listening and sharing it. It’s really humbling finding out that people listened to that podcast. I had to stop a breathe a few times during recording because all the memories started flooding my mind and heart. :slight_smile: