Fireside Chat with Club TWiT

Just finished listening to the chat with Richard Hakala @Computeforloot, Scott Yaeger and James Dinser (sorry, I didn’t pick up their handles).

What a great chat. I wondered about how good it would be, but it really was a great, casual chat. I could have listened to you guys for hours. I think this is a great idea.


THANKS, sir. As I said at the end, don’t be surprised if a private message shows up from me about being on. We have some many fascinating listeners in the Club. THANKS again for the feedback

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It was really a really fun time


Currently listening to this bonus content right now and have to say I as well also enjoyed this casual chat with other Club TWIT’ers. While I’ve also enjoyed the host of shows being interviewed or fireside chatted, meeting those that I constantly see in Discord/Twit Community just allows me to put a face to the name and well makes them human. Would be happy to see this type of show again.

@ant_pruitt a personal thank you to all that you do to make the community such a great place. A spectacular hire on TWIT’s end for sure.


THANK YOU. Yes sir, I plan on hosting another chat like this in the future :blush:


Sad I missed it live, look forward to listening this week. All the club extras have been great thus far


THANKS, Knewman :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it