ATG 16: How to Format External Drives to Work on Mac/Windows/Chromebook

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Ooh, great nugget in ATG 16…I didn’t know MS was open sourcing exFAT!! I will be able to use exFAT for everything - right now I use exFAT on my external drives, but my Linux system can’t read them

Don’t you just need to install exFAT support for Linux? My Ubuntu MacMini can read exFat.


I think Mint comes with exFAT support also.

I read a really interesting article a while ago about the porting of exFAT and the rocky story behind it.
Wish I could remember where.

minitools partition wizard software is possibly the best option for most Windows users. It supports all the filesystems you could need and will handle dynamic partitioning very nicely.


I’ll try it tonight!!!

exFAT is not supported by any of the “off brand” devices in my house. This means neither my slightly aged smart TV nor my odd little cheapie Android TV box.

I recently picked up one of the new 2019 models of the Nvidia shield, so I must try exFAT with it at some point though.

Oh a quick Google just found the good news on the Shield:

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