TTG 1685 for Saturday 11 Apr 2020

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Re-listening to either Saturday’s but I think it’s Easter Sunday’s Show.
Regular ding the guy that lent his hard drive to his friend running Windows 7. I don’t have a solution per say. However I have had the problem before running Windows 7 Pro on a Dell Precision Workstation computer. One slightly off topic comment about 12-15 years ago I bought this computer to do Video Editing and it cost me $6,000. So the low end Mac Pro starting at $6,000 is not that bad. But now I am doing my Video Editing on the new 2020 iPad Pro.
Back to the question/topic…
I had several western Digital 640GB external HDD and maybe some Seagate HDDs. They were working just fine under Windows 7. One day I plugged then in and at least 3 maybe 4 drive got corrupt. Where Windows says to would you like to reformat the drive. I bought recovery software that I ran on a Dell Mini Computer, so neither PC could see the drive. Both running Windows 7. One on the Pro version and the ?Mini running on the Home version. The files were all there intact but somehow Windows corrupted the FAT Table and could not read them any more. I had the drives plugged into USB 2 Ports when this happened. All I can think is that USB 2 although can read a HDD was never really built to read HDD and maybe there is a bug in Windows 7. That only sometime surfaces itself. I remember a caller years ago also had a similar issue with a external HDD running under Windows 7.

I am listening to this show right now :slight_smile: