NTFS vs exFAT which format to choose for external hard drive

Ok age old question is on the table

Hi everyone I’m trying to go simple but specific question on choosing best option
I know as of now the size limitation is not a factor to choose format
Also exFAT compatibility with mac and windows is known for me
Now i have a few external hard drives
On one of them i have 2 partitions one to store my photos and documents and one for other files
So question is which format is safer for the photos and docs
Which format takes more disk space
Which is more secure

I have the option to air drop photos to my mac and move to my external ssd with exFAT and then move to the last drive with windows

So please help me to choose the best option

NTFS isn’t really designed for removable storage, so since you’re using removable storage with both windows and Mac then exFAT is the right option here.


It depends on what you mean by safer - easier to recover or more secure?

exFAT is universal and can be read from and written to by almost any device these days, running any OS, from Windows, through Linux to macOS, iOS and Android.

NTFS is generally read-only on other platforms, but there are drivers that allow writing on many platforms, but are often classed experimental. Linux does now have an official driver that allows the writing to NTFS.

But NTFS, on the other hand, is supported by BitLocker, which would allow the encryption of the data on the drive, so if it is lost or stolen, nobody else can access it, without the key. But it can only be accessed from Windows and only if you have the key. Lose the key and you have lost your data.

If it is for logevity or a personal backup or interoperability with other platforms, I’d go with exFAT. NTFS only really makes sense with confidential data, for an external drive, with BitLocker enabled, otherwise it brings too much baggage.

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Yes I want to use it for personal data backup
I heard something about logging for NTFS and wanted to make sure my data wont be corrupted or recovery in case of failure os easier on which format
Looks like linux is more capable for that as well

So hear me out of that is good approaching
I have 2 partition one is NTFS with many windows applications and is really hard to move data off of it
So ill keep it
The other partition, ill format it as exFAT and keep it for photo and document backup
Ill keep my other external hard drives in exFAT and use them to transfer files please let me know if that is acceptable

PS: my hard drive was getting continuously disconnected from usb that worried me alot the I realized for some reason usb cable got bad so i changed it and now looks good