Linux on a mac with a nvme ssd drive

This macbook air the SSD died and replace it with a Dataram nvme m.2 not a converter it made for this. now I need a OS on it I got maverick to work on a old usb hard drive not a ssd. but the mac won’t see the nvme I been told the firmware need updating to do that I need to update to Catalina but the apple store won’t let me have Catalina it said missing firmware partition.
ok I don’t have to have mac osx, linux will do fine but I try linux it see the nvme and install just fine but won’t boot so I need help.

A quick google found this thread:

Seems to be the T2 security chip interfering, assuming you have that chip installed.
The post lists some grub options you can try to force it to detect the mvme drive, so give them a try.

Thank you but I sent the NVMe drive back