Artifacts on Google map

I was looking on Google Maps today,
See this example

I have not seen the odd white horizontal line on top of many of the cars before on Google Satellite Map, or has it been added by some automated process gone wrong. Has anyone encountered this in photography from a plane or higher or seen it on Google Satellite Map before?

(I don’t recall noticing this in previous years on Google Satellite Map)

My best guess is that is some way tied to glare from the sun. If you look at some of them, you’ll also see kind of a glare effect along with the line. Also the lines have a very slight curve to them that is all exactly in the same axis. (I lined them up from some crops below.) To me, this says the line is somehow caused by the motion of the device that took the picture and/or the rotation of the earth.



Agree with @PHolder, pretty sure its glare from sunlight. I think the effect is being enhanced as well by Google’s compression methods, or possibly whatever method they use to highlight structures in images.

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