Google Maps Distracting?

Have you ever started your trip, only to find Google has made a up date that you must figure out? Then you continue totally distracted while you try to figure it out?
Will Google have to face some serious lawsuits before they address this serious problem?

I know they made a recent update in the last week or so, and even the android icon changed. I have not used it since then. But I use Google Maps all the time on my phone - I’ve never had a problem.

It’s one of the first things I remove from my new phones.

Regardless of what happens no serious lawsuits will bear any fruit. You take on all liability in the T’s and C’s. Law enforcement will tell you to pull into a parking lot, park, figure out the maps or whatever then get back on the road.

I had it on my iPhone until Apple updated Apple Maps last week, and now it is finally a usable product.

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