Are cameras with sensor-shift image stabilisation more fragile?

Just had a question from a friend who’s ordered an iPhone 12 Pro, but more of a camera question really. Can you damage this type of sensor from vibration, or do they ‘lock’ when not in use?

He bar-mounts a phone on his mountain bike, bit worried doing it with his new 12 Pro.

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My 13 year old Pentax K100D DSLR has sensor-shift stabilization. It’s been abused from carrying in a pack over very rough terrain and many falls. The system still works as well as the day I got it.

I was concerned about fragility of the sensor-shift mechanism when I bought it. My research indicated that, as always, Pentax had heavily over engineered the system for ruggedness and super long life (like my classic K1000 SLR). In addition some experts I read indicated that the sensor is locked in position when not actively taking photos and has excellent shock resistance mechanisms when actively taking a photo.

While I can’t say for certain that Apple has done as good a job, it would very much surprise me if they didn’t design a system close to as rugged as my Pentax.


Thanks. Makes sense they’d ‘park’.

After I posted I found this which suggests he’s right to ask the question, although the 11 is optical I think.

Looks like Apple’s engineers blew it.

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