IOS 668: Our Most Used Shortcuts

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As someone who’s only just started to dip their toes into the water of Shortcuts, I found this week’s show very useful. Incidentally, Rosemary’s book on the subject, “Take Control of Shortcuts”, is an excellent introduction to creating Shortcuts of your own. It’s well worth getting!

Just picking up on the discussion of what you can do with an original series iPad. All depends on whether you have useful apps already installed. I have one with the “Expenses” app - all skeuomorphic stitched-leather surrounds - which is still my go-to app for tracking spending and seeing trends. The stopwatch and timer apps still come in useful occasionally too. Gets charged about once a month. I do have one of those 30-pin keyboard docks, too - beautifully made, but I hardly ever used it.

Still use a Gen 3 iPad as well, use it as a secondary display, and sometimes for watching broadcast TV - have the 30-pin iDTV receiver and companion app, and being line of sight from the transmitter, no problems picking up all the channels on the tiny portable aerial that was supplied with it. TBH I often prefer watching TV on a small screen close by to the big screen on the wall.