IOS 621: HealthKit Apps for iOS

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I have set up 2 shortcuts to switch from daytime watch face to nighttime watch face, but that is hard coded. When I change the daytime face, the shortcut switches back to the old one the next day, or I have to edit the shortcut.

Is there a way with shortcuts to give them persistent variables? So that I can write the daytime face into a variable at night and in the morning the shortcut reads the previous face from the variable and sets it.

I’m exactly sure what going on without seeing your shortcut, but the direct answer is “no.” You can’t set a variable that’s remembered outside the shortcut’s running time.

However, you can write some info to a text file, and have the shortcut read that info at the start. You can start here:

If you want your watch face to change based on time of day, why not create a shortcut automation to enable daytime-face at a certain time and nighttime-face at a certain time? This kind of thing works (mostly) perfectly for me. In fact I get a random watchface every morning. For example:

I already have the shortcuts that turn a night face on (large numbers, nothing else) and in the morning, it switches back to my daytime face, but I want to change the daytime face sometimes, so it would be nice, if it could remember what my current daytime face is, instead of the one that is hardcoded into the shortcut.

I’ll have a look at the text file link, thanks.

You can use the action “Get Current Watch Face” and save that to something like Data Jar. I think that is the simplest solution for something like this.


Turns out you cannot save the name of the watch face and restore it. However you can save the Index of the current face, and restore it later. Tested this with faces with same name. No problems at all. This shortcut is genius!

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Hi @RosemaryOrchard & @mikahsargent, I have the iPhone 14 pro max. Do you know how to Customize a photographic Style in the Camera app? Possibly the feature might not be working. And which modes does the Customization work in? ie: does it work in RAW setting mode or just jpeg modes, etc. I can’t seem to get the function to work.

Thank You,

Also, do you know when iPadOS16 is coming out?

In October. There are disagreements about whether or not Apple will have an October “iPad event” or not. It may not be an event and just a “press release.” In any case, expect the new version probably in about two more weeks.

Thanks, but I was not refering to new devices but about the new iPadOS16 software update for my 2020 iPad pro. I am still on iPadOS 15.7.

Aren’t they linked now? So some time in October, not confirmed yet. iPad iOS 16 was delayed because of Stage Manager I thought, so 16.1 is expected at the same time as new iPad hardware.

Apple comment to Tech Advisor…

“This is an especially big year for iPadOS. As its own platform with features specifically designed for iPad, we have the flexibility to deliver iPadOS on its own schedule,” Apple explained via comment. “This fall, iPadOS will ship after iOS, as version 16.1 in a free software update.”


This is Apple we are talking about. In many cases they release new software when they have new hardware. You can expect iPad OS to release this month, probably in about 2 weeks. If something happens, and they fail to release new hardware, they may also hold back the software until it’s ready. Because of how Apple works, where they usually introduce new features to the OS that are only available on the new hardware they co-release, you should not expect all new iPad OS features in 16 to work with all older iPad models.