Apple One Premier

I just signed up for the Apple One Premier plan! Sweet deal - Apple TV+, Apple Music, iCloud 2TB, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+ $29.95 per month, minus the $18 I was already paying for individual plans, so net $12 per month for much more service. Plus, I can share it with 5 other people (I have 3 right now thinking of more) Very pleased

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Just make sure you cancel any additional iCloud Storage. I signed up and the 2TB I already had remained giving me 4TB total. Easy enough to cancel, but keep an eye on it.


Yeah, I had the 200 GB plan, they refunded that and now I have the 2TB cuz it was an upgrade - but thanks for the heads up :+1:t2:

UPDATE on Apple One: So far I’m loving the whole package. I never subscribed to News+ or Arcade as they didn’t seem like they would be for me! I am pleasantly surprised by the games I’m playing on Arcade and by the news I’m getting from newspapers and magazines I’ve subscribed to. Good deal for $29.95 per month

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I’m waiting for Fitness+ before activating my free trial.

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