Apple TV+. Another Free Year w/ Purchase?

There was some discussion on one of the shows regarding what happens when the free year of Apple TV+ is up. Has there been any definitive word about extending that, or getting another free year with an Apple device purchase? Or did the whole bundle thing (apparently copied from Frank Fritz on American Pickers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) doom the “free” year with purchase?

As an aside, I pay for a year at a time for Apple Music. If I wanted to bundle, I wonder how would that work? I just paid for a year a couple of months ago.

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If I got a free year of anything when I bought my new watch, no one told me.

You only get a free year of TV+ if you purchase a device capable of streaming it.

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I forget which devices earned the free year, maybe phones and Apple TV. I don’t believe they stack. It’s never been stated that the free year will be extended, or if the promotion will continue with the iPhone 12. Pundits like to speculate, since the service isn’t hugely popular, and we all should be stuck inside, that Apple might extend it further. Given they’re launching Apple One and including it at all tiers, my guess is they won’t extend.

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Well, I just received my iPad 8th generation, and I got emails saying I could get 4 free months of News+ and 4 free months of Apple music. If I wasn’t already a subscriber. I subscribe to Apple music, so that’s out, but I’ll give the News+ a whirl. I bought my iPad from Best Buy, so I’m not sure if that was a deal that was just for Best Buy, or if it was offered if you bought it from Apple too.

There was no mention of AppleTV+. I’ll probably use my Upgrade every year from AT & T for a cell phone, so we’ll see about that. But I doubt it. They would offer it on the iPad if they were going to do it.

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I always thought they should up your iCloud storage every time you buy a new device


The free year offer can only be used once. I used it with my iPhone 11, and was not able to extend it when I bought a new AppleTV a few months ago.

In other words, my trial will run out November 1. By then I hope Apple One is up, because there’s no way I’m paying for AppleTV+.


I’m guessing that had Apple not come up with Apple One, they would offer another free year if you bought a new device.

If they would let you swap out Arcade for Apple News+, we would probably go with the family plan. We won’t use Arcade, so we would effectively be shelling out $7.00 for AppleTV+ (we have a single Apple Music plan we pay yearly. My wife likes Pandora…), & we share 200GB iCloud. We would probably use Apple News+, so that would entice us.

Honestly, we haven’t watched AppleTV+ very much after the first month or so. We have cable, and several other subscription movie/TV services. There comes a point where there’s not much point to having another…