Why does Apple not have a monthly payment option for all their expensive items?

Hi, I have wanted to buy a macbook for my family to use but I have found that there are no monthly payment option for many expensive products. I should say I am in Canada in case the USA site is different. They promote back to school and everything but really how many people have $1000+ dollars in there pocket? Many people, like myself, typically just go buy a cheaper Windows machine. In many cases you can go to a Dell or HP or Lenovo and get a payment plan. I am surprised Apple doesn’t make it easier to get Apple products into consumer hands. They have a education site but really you don’t save anything. I just wanted to get everyone’s insight into this. Am I wrong ?

The Barclays payment plan isn’t available on the Canadian Apple site? That seems odd if so. Why not open that up to everyone… I don’t know if Canada has PayPal or not, but when I get around to buying my next computer, I plan to use PayPal Credit to make that purchase on Apple’s site.

I remember, in the past, they used to offer some sort of payment plan that had something like 6 equal payments. I went looking today to see if I could find it, and it must be gone (or extremely well hidden.) All you get now is:

Well this is crappy news - my plan to use PayPal Credit won’t work anymore. :sob:

The only financing they have now is Apple Card, which of course isn’t available in Canada, at least not yet.


I use Apple Card for pay over time - I don’t think its available in Canada

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Yeah, I can’t find any options. I guess Apple doesn’t want more people to buy their products? Maybe they should send it all to the Home Shopping Network…LOL…get equal payments there.

@sc25 i don’t want to diminish your opinion, but I would like to counter it and perhaps open your mind to a different option. I read you wanted to buy a MacBook but have you considered the entry level iPad? They’re similarly priced to low-end pc laptops and in my opinion, they’re a far better product in many ways. I can go into them but I’ll spare the extra length of this reply. I’ll just say my kids love their iPads and I found great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. :cowboy_hat_face::iphone::keyboard:

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I said earlier that there’s no other option, but I later discovered one, again involving PayPal. PayPal Credit now has a credit card that’s usable online. You’re able to use it for their ongoing “no interest for the first 6 months” promotion. So whenever I get to buying my new Mac, that’s how I’ll do it.

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