Wifi Security Cameras

Anyone here use Wifi security cameras?

I have 4 Arlo Pro cameras, and I have been using them about 2.5 years now.

At the time, I looked at all the various makes and models, but I liked there were no monthly fees for Arlo cameras (unless you want them to store more than 7 days worth of video online).

I originally bought 1 base station and 1 camera, but added the other 3 cameras later. Had I known I would have ended up with 4 cameras, I could have saved some money and bought it all in 1 package. But, oh well…

Overall, I have been super satisfied with the Arlos. I like that I can recharge them, and no wires are needed. The battery does last about 2x longer when the outdoor temp is below 90F. I live in TX, so it gets pretty hot here.

Online, most reviews are positive - the only complaints I commonly see if concerning the Geofencing option, but I do not use that. I want them recording outside even if I am home.

I get instant notifications on my cell phone anytime someone is at my front or back door. And, I can even see who is at my door before I answer the door.

Being in the criminal justice field, I have quite a few enemies. It is nice to see what is going on around where I live, even when I am away.

I am very happy with the Arlo Pro Cameras. I have a 256GB USB drive hooked to the base station, so I can store 3-4 years of videos locally as well. I got the USB flash drive so I’d have no moving parts like a normal hard drive has.

What brands do some of you guys use?

Well, i don’t know if it’s going to help. It’s almost a “know how” solution, maybe it was featured there once, not sure now.

But I’ve been experimenting with cheap USB camera and raspberry pi 3 solution that is open source. I want something private that i would control end-to-end and the open source software https://kerberos.io/ . They also offer could storage but you can also use your own solution. But I’ll check the product you use.

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I use Ubiquiti – good install since day 1. Has both cloud and local management/record options. The model I bought, the G3 micro is compact and can fit as a standard webcam or mounted on a wall/ceiling. I also liked it met and approved all current electrical standards.

My other reasons are personal preference since the software code base is written for Debian Linux. Package management is easy even on a bare metal install.

I like Nest’s outdoor cameras, but yes it does require a subscription, but it is worth it. I also have a large set of cameras, pretty much anything you want to pull in. The key is the software I use called Sighthound.

It allows you to use any camera you want, hook it up to Sighthound, then you get great people only detection for a single price. They have 2 tiers, one for 2 cameras and one for unlimited cameras. There is no monthly fee since the data stays at your house, but you can easily set up the sync to copy to Google Drive/Photos or other cloud services. I have been using this for many years and love it due to the flexibility.

For indoor cameras, I like Wyze, they are cheap, provide security updates, and integration with the Smart Home.

My Arlo Pros:

+1 for Arlo. No subscription and integrates with HomeKit. I have a indoor Wyze as well…love the price but no HomeKit integration is a bummer.


I have to agree with @Gothelf & @jazake that Wyze is awesome for indoor use. The cost and quality of picture is as good or better than other products that cost 3x as much. Remote management and viewing is excellent too. I still have my UniFi Setup, but I am questioning the future of that product with the advent UniFi Protect.

My girlfriend has 1 of the panning Wyze cameras. They are great for the money. But that 10 second limitation of online video does kind of suck. And, I have found that if there are several incidents of motion within a few minutes, it will not upload them all. Now, for $30 to $40, it is great. But I appreciate my Arlos much more after setting up the Wyze Cam for her and using it for a while.

That’s a good point @Mistershipwreck the 10 second limitation. I have a SD card inserted so I can review more footage if necessary.

Yes the Ubiquiti are good cameras but they are not wifi.
Agree it is one of the best solutions, buy it once and no subscriptions needed and with a spare computer you can have on 24/7 no need to buy the nvr or cloudkey.

I would differ on the first part. The Ubiquiti line does include Wi-Fi cameras along with Wi-Fi access points. The marketing might confuse at a glance since it includes a dongle for Ethernet.

Differ away, well guess I never look that closely at that, just thought they were all wired. I preferred wired over wifi so maybe thats why I never looked, so thanks for the info.

Well, I own my own apartment. But, it would be much more difficult for me to be running wires outside.

I originally bought my Arlos because I had issues with a neighbor. It was nice to be able to add more cameras as I needed them, and to not have to deal with any wires.

In a house - wired would be better, especially if you planned ahead and wired the house as it was being built.

You can start looking at the blind spots and key areas by following a map (if available). I have a similar setup on the inside just so the camera is compliant with privacy but I do give an indication of recording for those around or visiting.

Another thought I have is that there are cameras available that are battery powered. D-Link comes to mind as well since Leo has mentioned it in the past.

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Well, the Arlo Pros have a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

I have no cameras inside. I can see both the front and back entrances. There are no side entrances or side windows.

Many people in this thread seem to like Arlos. Very good to know! I got a Wyze before I realized you can’t stream it online to YouTube, as I wanted to use it as an outdoor weather cam. So I returned it. We’re in a rental right now, so I don’t want to make holes. When we move into our own place again, I’ll seriously consider Arlos. :slight_smile:

Have several Wyze cams as you can see. Three of which are outdoors in enclosures. I’ve never had any issues