Any chance to add video version to Spotify?

@Leo I’m using my Apple TV to watch (not listen) video podcasts. I see you all have the audio version on Spotify. Any chance you could add the video version? Thanks!

I’ll check. If Spotify supports it we should be doing it!

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Thanks. I’ve searched in both the iPhone and AppleTV app and it’s audio only. A video podcast I watch called Darkhorse is on Spotify with both audio and video.

Ah Patrick Delahanty has explained it to me. Spotify only supports video if you use to create it and it has to be under 250 MB.

We’ll, Darkhorse is close to 90 minutes of video…

Take a look there in Spotify.

I would think that’s more that 250 mb but not sure. It’s HD.

Take anyway.

Couldn’t you use Apple Podcasts instead of Spotify on your Apple TV?

This just seems to be the case for audio, not for video.

No specific file size recommendation

But I agree that it’s not ideal for Spotify to force you to use their own hosting service, even when it’s free. They could use an open RSS standard for video, but they decided not to.

Yes, and I’m hoping to keep all my video podcasts in one app. First world problem.

Spotify is the enemy of RSS-based podcasting. We would never use their hosting.