Another introduction

Hello from Munich in Germany!

My name is Dan, executive producer at a cable network being in charge for the daily news shows on three stations. Before that I’ve worked as a photojournalist covering the annexation of Crimea, the riots in Turkey and Egypt, the 2014 war in Gaza, the Ebola outbreak in West-Africa and stuff like that. Some of my pictures are archived at my former agency.

When not working I’m the typical geek dad - totally into all things Apple, retro-computing (been a BBS sysop back in the 90s), gardening and sometimes cigars. I recently started to stream Roblox-sessions playing together with my son (4 years).

Before I moved to Munich I lived in San Francisco. Being a long-time fan of TWIT & MacBreak Weekly I even visited Leo in the old cottage like 12 years ago…

You can also find me on Mastodon … or bascially any other social network… see Linktree.

An interesting life. Ebola region as well.

I suspect Paul will push this into the general introductions thread shortly.

Welcome, from North Germany. I lived outside Munich for a while, in Geltendorf, when I moved to Germany, but I am now up North near Osnabrück.

Thanks and greetings :slight_smile: I didn’t know that introductions are supposed to be posted in a thread instead of this section. Mea culpa.

No problem, there was a general introductions thread and everybody just added themselves to it, I’m sure there isn’ta rule about it.:wink: