Introductions. What's your story?

Hello fellow TWiTs and/or TWiT Army Members and/or members of the ZDTV Netcam Network!

I just heard @Leo mention this community on The Tech Guy, and I thought I’d get an early start by setting up my profile’s About Me section. I had a little fun writing out some anecdotes and nostalgia, and I thought I’d invite others here to share their story by doing the same and linking to your profiles here. Perhaps as the community grows and grows more organized, something like this can be moved to a water cooler or general category. I think we all could be really impressed by the diverse and similar-but-different backgrounds of our fellow community members.


Heya JTW,
I heard the same and thought I’d get in on the ground floor, too.

Been watching Leo since ZDTV days and definitely attribute very smooth sailing in my computer use to him and his compadres.



Sweeeeet. Thanks for joining @JTW . Hope you’re doing well today


ZDTV . . .the waaaaay back machine. :slight_smile: Thanks for hoppin’ in @GScott


What’s my story? It’s told in Coding 101 episode 42. :grin:


and regularly codes in PHP and Perl

Perl, eh? I bet you had a self-hosted LiveJournal at some point too! :slight_smile:


I just loaded up my profile with the dets about moi. I’m a mostly watch after broadcast Twit person so the chat room isn’t that useful to me. I’m jazzed about this kind of community.


Hi All,

I have been watching TWiT since around 2005, I bought an iPhone and looked at this Podcasting thing and found TWiT, I tend to listen to TWiT, Windows Weekly, Security Now and sometimes TWiG. I do watch live most weeks and sometimes try and take part in the chatroom…

I have been into tech for as long as I can recall, started out with the 8 bits, Spectrum, Commodore. I have been working in IT Support for since 1996 and dabble in programming and hacking.

I stream on Twitch (Programming and I’m a member of the livecoders team).

I like this idea and interested to see where it goes. :smiley:


Hi! I was a big fan of all things ZDTV back in the day and recently rediscovered Leo on TWiT - wish it had been sooner! Glad to have found you again, enjoy all the shows, and looking forward to this community! :call_me_hand::v:


I had this site bookmarked as soon as Leo announced it. Checked in almost daily and all I ever got was a Hover page. Heard Leo promote it again today and I got that same Hover page. Decided to add www to the beginning of the URL and it worked. I can’t remember the last time I had to put www to start a URL. Oh well, I’m now here and my bookmark has been updated.
I’m Dan, live in Florida, and I’ve been a Leo fan since I discovered Tech TV around 2003.


Been a fan since Tech TV days. Love watching the live stream on my 50" and then I listen to the audio podcasts in the car during the week. Recently I have taken the same track as Leo and gone Linux. I have two machines, one running Zorin OS and the other Manjaro. I hope that FLOSS Weekly continues and I would also like to see a Linux show. Love these new forums, thanks Leo!

  • JP Myers
    Diamond Bar, CA

Yeah sorry about needing to add www. to the URL, Dan. I’m not sure if it’s my DNS setting or something the Discourse server is doing. I’m working on it though!

UPDATE: I’ve added a forward to the DNS record so should work now. Let me know if it doesn’t!


I’m just a guy with a camera :slight_smile:


Hey peeps. I’m Elizabeth from NYC. Constantly watching TWiT.Live stream almost 24/7 . Big nerd. Love :two_hearts: Leo and the TWiT gang.


Hi, Tony here. Love the new site. My story…born in Ohio, lived in Japan for 17 years, then Singapore for 8, and now back the States for about 3 years. I’m a closet techie and used to able to program in Pascal, COBOL, Basic, and Dbase III+!


Hi, I am Brian. I’ve been listening for about 15 years or so. I do remember ZDTV but I wasn’t a rabid watcher then. I retired from the Navy (hence the screen name)… Being from the DC area I got involved with the backbone of the internet. At different times I worked for Internic/Network Solutions, ARIN, DoDNIC and another three letter government agency. I am now living in the Midwest.


Glad to be here along with the rest of the TWiT Dawgs :wink:


Well, we’re do I begin. I’ve been watching Leo since TechTV. I would watch The Screen Savers while I was “in between” positions. Now, I’m an IT professional working for a VAR in the Northeast, so I get to play with a little bit of everything. I have a BS in Computer Science, plus many industry certs (required by the vendors as I work for a VAR).
My first into to Computer Tech shows was the On Computers show hosted by (at the time) Gina Smith and Nathan Garcia. I got involved after Nathan took over the show himself, and then got really involved when “AlaskaJoe” took over after Nathan was forced to give it up and the show became net only. I was involved in the production until we had to end the show in 2011.

I started listening to Leo again to help fill the void in my weekend afternoons.


Hello all :wave:
I’ve been a TWiT fan since 2011, and I watch most of the time :smiley: I’m not nearly as geeky as most of you I think - much more of a tech consumer than creator. But I am a graphic designer, so I do get geeky when it comes to print design and Adobe software.

I added stuff to the About section of my profile, so I’ll put that here too:

Born in South Carolina, but the Pacific Northwest is home. I’m a parent to not human children but a corgi-boxer (full of energy) and an older persian mix cat. I’ve been a graphic designer since 1990, my first computer was a Mac Performa 400, and this is my current favorite tech:

  • Oculus Quest
  • My ebike - a Fiido 2 (very basic, but I love it!)
  • Pixel 3a
  • Google Home

What I wish existed in tech (maybe soon?): A smallish Android tablet, 8 or 9 inches, loaded with a healthy amount of RAM and a large amount of built-in storage, that I can put a sim card in and use it on Google Fi. And I really wish Google would make this so I could get stock Android (or ChromeOS? I have no experience with that yet) on it… Samsung = :expressionless: