I Made It Here Finally

I am just listening to episode 1632 now and learned about this community. I figured I better get in before someone else took my username. I have been too busy to hang out in IRC lately and so this is another outlet for me.


Welcome here! We have a really fun Introductions thread going where people tell a little bit about themselves and say hello. I hope you’ll consider writing a bit about yourself and sharing it there!


I’ve been lurking around since the TWiT Cottage days and Leo’s first use of a Logitech web cam. I even watched him in Vancouver when he did Lab with Leo. He was live streaming that show’s tapings if you knew how to find it and I would have side visits with people like Sean Carruthers.

I only saw his Call for Help in Toronto afterwards in reruns on Rogers cable.

However, I first encountered Leo because I used his Mac Dialer program back in the late 1980s. I was big into the BBS scene back then.


No one ever takes my username…


Certainly glad to have you here. I think this will be a great place for all of us to hang out and share memories and of course ideas on tech.

Glad to see ya here :slight_smile:

If I click my name to see the quick profile popup, it only shows a couple of lines of the longer description that I wrote. Can curious folks ever even see the rest? The … isn’t a clickable target to reveal more… I thought it would be! Am I missing something?

You click the profile picture in the quick popup to read more, not the ellipses.

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Plus another step after that… you then have to click on “Expand…” This could be better. Also, the three dots is a standard and is used even here on this platform! It’s right there next to the “Reply” at the bottom of each message in a list. This would be a good thing to change so that it goes straight to that expanded profile page for a given user. Clicking on the avatar is not intuitive.

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Thanks for posting that info. Very informative

Wow @calgaryguru - check out the BBS thread. I talk a little about MacQueue. Add any memories you have. It’s all in the dim distant past for me!

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BBSes? I even hosted one for a while on my own computer when it was winding down. Now that BBS lives as a Wordpress site: https://warpsixbbs.wordpress.com I also used Leo’s software that he wrote back in the day… QDial! LINK: https://macgui.com/usenet/?group=109&start=240&id=6

CORRECTION: QDIAL v. 1.2, not Mac Dialer. See my other reply for a link to the binary.

Holy crumpets! Now if you could only find the QDial source. I guess I could disassemble it. It was written in ASM.

Of course it totally wouldn’t work today. It used the vertical blank interval which only happens on CRT displays.