Time to dump Google for good?

Google Photos Will No Longer Offer Free and Unlimited Storage starting in mid-2021. Just canceled my Google One subscription. One office subscription is enough and my money is going to Bill Gates so he can help the world. Excellent office suite, 1 TB storage and 1 hour of skype, no brainer for me. Maybe my next phone will be a Google free Huawei phone. Definitley not an iPhone. Love to hear what other non-Americans and Americans think ? Will people eventually buy phones based on geopolitics. Like some of us do cars. I live in France and both our vehicles are Citroën. My comments are not anti-American. Just fed up with Google moving their goalposts all the time. I don’t feel I can personally trust them anymore. Sad day.

Sorry, for the long link.


There are plenty of reasons to not use Google, this is a total non-event in those terms.


In hindsight, you may be right. We generally don’t like change. I was mainly mad for the less fortunate people who don’t have the luxury to buy extra storage. It was one less worry for them. On another note I love the new free beta Tone Detector in Grammerly.
Tone Detector