Amazon Re-Cast Backup

I have had AMZ Re-Cast for a little over a year now. As you may know it records and plays back content grabbed out of the air from local broadcast stations. Incredibly cheap at about $230 along with a Firestick (about$40)Provides Streaming and OTR recording.
I have seen little or no discussion on this device on TWiT.
For me the device has worked extremely well. Occasionally I have had to Factory Reset due to crashes that would not repair by re-start. At these times it would be nice to recover recorded content that I would like to save. Anyone know how I could do back-ups?

I consider myself pretty on top of tech news and I have never heard of this thing before, so I’m not surprised it’s not much talked about. If you are receiving over the air signals successfully, then you should be able to record them with the right hardware quite easily. @Leo was talking about doing this with cable using a cable card with a Silicondust HDHomeRun or something similar and a Plex account. The benefit of that approach is that theoretically the files on the Plex server wouldn’t randomly disappear.

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Yes, I have never heard of this either. Interesting.

I live 20 to 25 miles from a cluster of OTR stations so reception is pretty good, making a device like this very useful. I am surprised you techies have not heard of it. This is a total breakdown of Leo an his cronies, to keep us on top of this stuff. Channel master also makes a similar recorder.

Staying on top of Amazon hardware releases is a full time job.

Some researched yielded two interesting tidbits:

  1. It supports external storage
  2. It transcodes videos and stores them as MPEG-2 files

Assuming that it allows access to the filesystem and it doesn’t add DRM to videos (two big ifs), it should be very straightforward. I would try to hook up an external drive and move a recording to said drive. Try to then hook it up to a computer to see whether you can see the files.

Great information. I have bookmarked that Cord Cutters site for future reference.
Thanks Joe!

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Happy to help. Please let me know if it works out for you, I am genuinely curious.

Rich mentioned the Recast last week on the Tech Guy segment with Scott Wilkinson. It was almost in passing though.

I Would think that Ron Richards would be a Re-Cast user. He has been a cord cutter for many years. Should be a ton of OTA channels in the NYC area.

Let’s tag him and see if he chimes in. @ronxo have you ever heard of the Re-Cast?

I haven’t heard of Re-Cast, admittedly not big on keeping tabs on Amazon Fire related stuff but this looks pretty cool

You must have a ton of OTA stations in the NYC area to record and view.