AGI and terminology

Watching the news over here in the UK. On the scale of man vs machine, what does it say about AI when a Boston Dynamics Atlas can do a better job of walking and climbing stairs than POTUS?


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It says POTUS walks pretty well for someone who’s 80 years old. My Mom is 78 and in a wheelchair. She’d fall down those stairs like a rock trying to reach ground level. Maybe cut POTUS a bit of slack and not compare him to something that can have maintenance service him after each use.

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Yeah, I saw the headlines, when he tripped on stage a couple of weeks back, “old man trips and falls”, hmm, I fell over the day before, but it didn’t make headlines…

There are an awful lot of far fitter 90 year old Japanese - it just doesn’t ook very good for the self proclaimed leader of the freeworld to keep taking tumbles - speaking as an outsider here.

occasional fall is one thing, but he looks so feeble when walking, and who is the idiot that did not clear the bag from the stage

Our CEO is 86 and comes into the office every day, holds twice weekly meetings with R&D and goes over every customer visit report. He does take a 2 hour much time nap these days though, but I can’t say I blame him. His wife runs the local library.


It says that machines are extremely good at repetitive, mindless tasks like walking. Which is something we found out during the industrial revolution. Lets not forget that some of our most revered leaders were wheelchair-bound - walking isn’t a prerequisite for effective leadership.

Now, if you want to talk about POTUS inability to perform basic tasks such as appoint an FCC chair, I’m all ears :yum:

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To an outsider the leaders of any foreign country are somewhat odd and in the outside country the press has a field about their physical and mental competence.

There were many jokes told about the poor Americans who had to choose between Biden and Trump, both with issues, both with few saving graces. There was an editorial piece written about how the heck with millions to choose from, Americans ended up with those two.