TWIG 747: In an Abundance of Caution

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Sentient AI, non-sentient AI… The thing no one is prepared for, really, is if AI develops intelligence and free will comparable to a cow or a dog. Something that’s capable of suffering but not quite human enough for most people to care, or so seemingly ambiguous that it’s just denied.

We have Raclette for New Year’s Eve dinner most years.

But it is a grill, you can fry meat on the top and you have a small pan for each guest and they fill it with meat and vegetables and top it off with grated cheese (traditionally Raclette cheese) and put the mini pan under the grill.

Raclette is to grills, what fondue is to deep fat fryers.

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Well…This, IMHO, was a great show.
Thank You, Thank you, Thank you, Paris and Jeff and Benito for sitting the boss down, and telling him that his crazed rant about AI becoming its own intelligence, is nonsense.

AI is only a very sophistacated summary of what ppl have already said, it does not have the ability to come up with something truly new, or to perform a multitude of human functions. Lots a great points were made , including that AI cannot smell, and is only regarded as "human: because the words it spits out sound human.

TBH, IDK what Leo really believes, and what is just “stirring the pot”. IMHO, Leo loves doing the “churn”
I, and i believe others, just dont share this need for controversy for the sake of controversy, or the need for “excitement”, or things that are shiny and move fast.

For those who need more excitement in their lives, I would highly recommend driving a race car in a real race…or at least at great speed on a track. The “excitement” of having to make quick decisions at speed, where a mistake could have catastrophic results, IMHO makes all this media talk “excitement” seem pretty paultry.

On another recent topic…I wish Lisa and Leo and TWIT the best in making thru the next year financially. And Thank you, Leo (seriously) for admitting that all this complaining about how much money Joe Rogen makes, is just jealousy. Leo, you have nothing to be jealous of. We are truly impressed with you have put together with TWIT over the years. Joe Rogen is just a loud mouth who has tapped into the liberitarian bro colture out there.

Yes, with more money, you could more easily build TWIT into the CNN of tech, or PBS of tech, that u have talked of, but thats just not in the cards right now. Being happy with the sand castle you’ve built is a much bigger virtue, than being unhappy that it isnt the biggest sand castle on the beach.
The radio/tv/movie industry is tough on everyone in it.

Leo, I for one, admire you much more for being a real, compassionate person, that being an empire builder. FWIW.

I hope I havent been to personal here. If so, I appologize,

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