Add support to ATTG

Wanted to expand on the idea of adding some sort of personalised response to listeners who call in to Leo and Micah on Ask the Tech Guys with problems. Kind of hoped adding all the community activities several years ago would fill this desire, but for someone like me, social media is way too “noisy” and difficult to follow. One on one seems to be much more productive when trying to solve a problem.

Currently, a listener calls in, describes a problem, and L&M try to help, with live community involvement in the background. Not very often do we hear back from the caller if their problem was solved. And, if someone posts a different solution, the original caller may never see it because they don’t use the community resources. But, if there was a method to relay responses directly to the caller, and get feedback on success or continued problem, the show becomes a real “help me” resource.

While The Tech Guy was a public radio show, the idea of some sort of call back communication would have legal ramifications hard to overcome. As a podcast and Internet streaming, seems like overcoming some technical issues with some moderation included could be done. Somehow, the interface between participants would have to be anonymised, similar to online classified sales (Australian Gumtree service, Paypal).

And now belonging to the TWIT Club would have an additional advantage, maybe attracting more members? Personally, I joined the club specifically to support the network because it provides a service I cannot find anywhere else. And adding a technical support feature would be icing on the cake.

I feel like this is possibly done to an extent, through the free forums here. Each show becomes a unique thread. If I were to call in and ask how to set up ABC email client with XYZ rules. I would come check to see if anyone had posted a comment saying if solution A or B doesn’t work, try C. I’d try A,B,&C and let everyone know what my experience was. The only real way to “incorporate” this more were if Leo or Micah were to end each call saying follow up with us on our forums and let us know how our solutions worked.

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