Account Authentication

Bought a new Dell Laptop and set up July 17. Was hacked that day thru Family Tree Maker. Microsoft has not allowed me to sign in to my account. Very complicated

It’s unclear what you’re doing wrog @treeclimber. It can’t matter if someone gets your password via a hack if you don’t reuse passwords… so I presume this is what you’ve done. Time to learn some good password hygiene and use a password manager.


I am responsible for the problem. It is now complicated by the hack. Changed my phone # and did 2 factor using email. Microsoft wants me to use their authenticator app which I never used. When I go to Microsoft to try to fix the problem The web page want me to choose a category of my problem. It is so complicated I need to web chat. Have web chatted with Microsoft and Apple. The issue is emails. Now Apple and Microsoft want 2 emails one from another provider. Because Microsoft locked me out of my account it messed up Apple. Micr. finally authorized a new account but I am still not into my original account. :crazy_face::upside_down_face::cold_sweat::scream::no_mouth:

I use Lastpass. The problem started when I was confused They use 2 emails for each account, one email from another provider. Setting up the new laptop Microsoft said I can use ANY email. Stupidly used a new outlook email. Apple used my old outlook email. Apple had a problem where changing the 2nd was a problem. Finally got that changed to an old valid email. Still trying to access my old documents in Microsoft.