Outlook Blocked

Just bought a new Dell XPS. Been locked out of outlook since yesterday. Microsoft Support said problems with outlook blocked for some users? Anyone know what is happening?

Yes, there was an issue where users were getting locked out of their 365 accounts via Outlook. I believe MS is pushing a patch.

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Thanks some times I think Microsoft is more of a problem than it worth.:mask::sunglasses:

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Long article here for anyone who wants to go into the detail:

TLDR: MS made a server change that had the unexpected effect of knocking large numbers of users off, it took them some time to reverse it and they weren’t very open about it.

Had a problem that showed more of a complexity. Just purchased a new Dell XPS Laptop. Was able to sign in on my new computer on a newer outlook address. Been trying to delete an older outlook address. Keep receiving messages I needed to sign in to my old outlook address, Then tried to switch to my gmail. Received an error message that my gmail was not secure because it was connected to an insecure account, :flushed::mask: