AAA 568: No Twelvel For The Sixel

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‘Samsung are sketchy’

Just looked, there are two performance-related settings a user has access to, one for games, and another for everything else. So prob unfair to say users are in the dark. Pixels do battery optimisation too and will reduce performance if they need to.

It is odd though. Every Android I’ve owned has had a ‘game booster’, which I thought the idea was to bypass any OS optimisations i.e. allows the user to say I don’t care about heat or battery, just run my phone as fast as you can. This issue seems to be the opposite, they’re throttling games?

I have a hunch they are struggling with thermals so having to be quite defensive. I was playing with my Ultra and left the processing speed setting on ‘maximum’. Overnight on its charging stand, the phone halted with an error saying reboot, the phone was overloaded.

On the wider Geekbench issue, what should phone manufacturers do? Apply the optimisation settings (and run the risk that somebody doesn’t change the setting) or ignore it (which is what many manufacturers seem to decide to do). I’ve never seen any mention of optimisation on/off on any Single/Multi-Core Performance results in reviews.


This reminds me of the VW issue with emissions testing from not too long ago…

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Maybe. Although that was illegal. What about car manufacturers creating launch modes to get a headline-grabbing 0-60 time? Tesla’s ludicrous mode monitors how many times you are using it and starts reducing power to protect the car according to its drivers.

From memory, OnePlus, HTC, Sony and LG have all done this in the past.

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Not even sure what setting to use for this service, default of performance send like what one would want…

For the game booster setting? Performance is the default, but from the reports it doesn’t work as expected.

Samsung have said they’ll fix it.

I’ve had zero issues with performance on the phone though, other than that crash when I left the other setting on maximum accidentally.

Yeah, I don’t even run mine at full speed and it works just fine for me. I also don’t game on my phone… Get Off My Lawn!

This is the cpu setting in referring too

My approach is to leave all system-wide settings as the manufacturer recommended. Then if I notice an app is slow, not syncing, not sending notifications etc. you can exclude it from optimisation in the Apps part of settings. I notice you have turned off adaptive battery?

Yeah, forget adaptive battery. I just disable apps from running in the background manually. This way I don’t miss notifications from Apps because the OS though to put the app to Deep deep deep sleep

Update pushed out already by Samsung. Notice it says they won’t limit CPU/GPU for games initially, but will still manage performance if the device gets hot.

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