AAA 569: Android Beta-Mageddon

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Thanks for the more balanced views on Samsung vs. Geekbench this week. As Ron was saying, I’m more interested in how a device actually works in use, so don’t pay too much attention to benchmarks. But transparency + more configuration options is good too.

It would be interesting to know technically what happens when you run a benchmark app on Apple silicon. Won’t it recognise the load, fire up the high-performance cores, and execute it as quickly as it can within thermal limits? And if it does, is that ‘cheating’ if it doesn’t do the same when you use the TikTok app?

:wave:t2: to the letter of the week person, he lives a few miles from me here in the UK :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great episode. The wallpaper conversation makes me want to learn Android development.