AAA 566: Galaxy S22 Ultra on Twosday!

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Careful @ohthatflo , I got the itchy ears thing with Samsung buds and ended up seeing the doctor with recurring ear infections. Not nice. Have zero issues with any other earbuds.

On the S22 Night Mode being worse than Pixel, I’ve played around, it’s a different approach I think. On the Pixel, it makes the decisions and includes automatic astrophotography. The astro is impressive, but most of my Pixel night shots look like daytime which is not what I want.

On the S22 it looks to be retaining more of the atmosphere (shadows and silhouettes in the foreground, for example) and selectively enhancing skies or lights.

For astro, it points you to Pro or Expert RAW mode. That’s one use for the pen, as a remote shutter release :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, but I guess there is all concerns of lower battery performance of the s22 and the Gaming Optimization stories sweeping the internet.

I considered getting my parents the s22 (regular) to replace the 3A that’s going to fall out of support this year, but might hold out till the 6a drops.

Yes, Samsung are well known for aggressively managing apps. OnePlus and others do it too. I leave everything stock and only tweak a setting if I notice an app isn’t sending me notifications or syncing for example. Not had any issues yet. Gamers I guess hate that sort of thing - they want to run the hardware flat out.

Nothing is as agressive as the Huawei p30, if that app wasn’t written by Tencent or part of the shipping OS it was terminated from background usage.

Had to disable sooo many “optimizations” just to get notifications for email… Samsung isn’t too bad after coming from that

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Yeah, my last OnePlus with OxygenOS was a pain like that. Ended up disabling all the battery optimisation stuff completely and taking the hit on battery life.

Not finding this Samsung too bad, not had to change anything with the optimisations. No surprise you can’t make the battery in the regular S22 last all day though.

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I looked at the battery usage of my s20 and found that the always on display was using just about 1.5% an hour. So if your want to save like 10% in a day, disable that feature.

I have always-on display enabled for notifications only, processing speed set to ‘optimised’ (there’s also ‘high’ and ‘maximum’) and all the adaptive battery stuff turned on. Lasts me a whole day no problems (ultra) with the display in its highest settings with heavy use, so pretty happy so far.

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